Make customer service more efficient.
Empowering customer service teams with artificial intelligence.

One click integration.

Get it running in no time. Let your team focus on solving new and more complicated problems. Forget about spending more time than necessary on writing answers that already exist.

Continuous learning

The more usage, the better Assist gets at addressing your customers needs.

Reduce response time

Reduce response time by finding the best macros or previous answers for each ticket.

A support system you can trust.

Assist’s proprietary AI engine proactively suggests the most suitable replies. Agents only have to validate them and send the most appropriate one. Otherwise, agents can create new answers that Assist will collect to learn more about your business.

Increase retention

Assist lets agents reply to tickets faster, thus reducing response times.

You’re still in charge

Our AI solution is meant to empower, not replace, agents. This way, you still get full control over your customer communications.

Support analytics
Coming soon

Get a perspective on your customers, users or leads. See what’s happening behind the scenes.

Usage statistics and logs

Keep track of everything that has taken place.

Content analysis

Assist tells you what your customers ask about so you can understand them better.